Our Story

About Us

The story of Bryant Coats is simple. You know the fabrics that major luxury clothing companies use for their coats that cost 5-10x as much as ours? Well, we source the exact same fabric and charge a fraction of the price. Often, the quantities we’re able to obtain are only enough for 10-20 coats, something larger brands aren’t interested in. Which means we’re not only able to get quality materials at lower prices, we’re able to experiment with more styles and fits without the need to raise our prices, too.  It also allows us to monitor quality more closely, as production is happening in our backyard.  As an added bonus, we only sell directly to you, the consumer. It’s a business model that’s led to success for countless other companies, we just realized nobody had done it with coats. The result? We offer some of the highest quality outerwear with some of the lowest prices. It’s as simple as that.

From Our Founder

I never set out to run a coat business, in fact, I spent most of my career in real estate buying houses in need of TLC throughout Boston and transforming them back into homes. That was fun, but it wasn’t a passion of mine. Something I’ve always been a little obsessive about though, is finding solutions to problems, which is exactly what this business is. Bryant Coats fills a void within the outerwear industry by offering luxury coats with affordable prices. The secret? There is no secret, we use the same direct-to-consumer business model so many other companies have found success with, a model that cuts out the need for a middleman and allows us to only use luxury materials while cutting the price you pay in half.  We just want to make coats you feel as comfortable wearing as you do buying.